Your sourcing office in China


The China Office is a European sourcing company established in Ningbo, China. It is the trusted middleman between promotional product companies and Chinese manufacturers. We provide a wide range of products, from tailor-made items to existing products personalized with your customer’s logo.

The China Office is the eyes and ears of its clients on the ground in China and manages the entire sourcing process from requests for proposal to production, and from quality control to final delivery. This means TCO effectively mitigates the risks International companies face when producing in China. By merging Chinese staff with European management, we provide the best of both worlds: cheap products with European standards. The China Office assures reliability and quality by making sure its clients get what they want, when they want it, and by adopting Corporate Social Responsibility as one of its core values.

TCO is the trusted sourcing, quality control and logistics department of European promotional gift companies in China.

The company started out as the sourcing department of Van Bavel, a Belgium-based promotional product distributor that was established in 1953. With this background, it was able to combine generations of experience with an in depth knowledge of both the European market and Chinese suppliers and products. The China Office became Van Bavel’s sourcing department on the ground in China. Here, it was able to communicate directly with suppliers, regularly visit factories and constantly seek new and innovative trends at the many trade fairs. This permitted Van Bavel to overcome the communication, quality and delivery problems it faced when it was sourcing from Belgium.

Today, many European distributors want to concentrate on their sales efforts, which means delegating their sourcing departments to a professional and trusted firm on the ground in China. For this, they turned to TCO, a company offering such services and ensuring high quality product standards at competitive prices.

TCO is fully automated, which facilitates the entire sourcing process. This means we can ensure services of higher quality, pay more attention to detail, and have a clearer overview or every order. It also allows us to improve communication with both our clients and our suppliers.

At TCO, we find communication of vital importance. Our team regularly deals with clients speaking Chinese, English, Spanish, French German and Dutch. Constant communication with our suppliers also permits us to anticipate problems and fix them swiftly if they arise.